Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pork, apple and fennel casserole

This is a kind of use-everything-that's-left-over casserole. Whilst at first glance the veg/apple combination might look a bit random, the apple cooks down to a point where it's just bringing out the taste of the pork rather than tasting of an apple and mushroom stew!! ;)

Extra Easy, all food free

Diced pork leg, trimmed of all fat
Granny Smith apple
1 green pepper
Pork stock
Black pepper

Then there are various options. You can either add some butter beans, some lentils or some baby potatoes, or serve it with some mustardy mash - it's your call :)

Dead easy, this one; brown the pork thoroughly in some low-fat frying spray, and then add the onion, garlic, celery and fennel and allow it to cook through gently, with the lid on, until the vegetables are soft and slippery. Put the peeled chopped apple in next, and stick the lid back on while you prepare the other veg.

When you've chopped the parsnip, courgette(s), mushrooms and pepper, put them into the pan along with some black pepper, sage and tarragon, cover and let them cook down, adding a smidgen of hot water and a pork stock cube to keep it moist (and, indeed, porky).

At this point you can turn everything right down and leave it to simmer. If you're going to add lentils or beans, add more hot water accordingly; if you're adding potatoes just make sure they're of an even size and make sure there's enough liquid to cover them.

Enjoy! :)